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Welcome to Investra Enterprises, your gateway to a rewarding career in selling luxurious real estate in Northern Cyprus and beyond. We are dedicated to providing exceptional opportunities for real estate agents who are passionate about delivering unparalleled service and achieving extraordinary results. Join our team and unlock your potential for success.

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By joining our team you’ll gain extraordinary listings, setting yourself apart from the competitors. Benefit from comprehensive training programs, full marketing support, organized inspection trips, trusted contractor partnerships, and a lucrative commission structure designed to maximize your earnings. Experience the difference of being part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to your growth and success.

Exclusive Listings

Our diverse range of listings is sure to impress even the most discerning clients. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase extraordinary properties and set yourself apart from the competition.

Training and Development Opportunities

At Investra Enterprises, we believe in investing in your growth and success. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in the real estate industry.

Full Marketing Support

We understand the power of effective marketing in driving sales. As an Investra agent, you’ll receive unparalleled marketing support to help you succeed:
  • Social Media Support: Leverage the reach of social media platforms to showcase your listings and engage with potential buyers.
  • Access to Promotional Materials: Gain access to professionally designed brochures, flyers, and digital assets to effectively market your properties.
  • Platform Account: Manage your listings, track leads, and monitor your progress seamlessly with our advanced platform.
  • CRM System: Streamline your communication, nurture client relationships, and close deals more efficiently with our state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management system.

Maximize Your Earnings with Our Commission Structure

Our commission structure is designed to reward your hard work and dedication. Sell more properties or refer clients to us, and watch your earnings soar. Join us to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity in the world of luxurious real estate.

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Investra Enterprises Ltd. is a leading real estate agency based in Northern Cyprus, dedicated to helping clients invest in property. Our team of experienced professionals provides top-notch consultation and guidance on how to take advantage of the dynamic economy in Northern Cyprus.